Storytelling is art …

… and the team of Storytelling Turtle believes in telling stories with games. Together with a consistent visual style, polished mechanics and a well-chosen sound setting stories can be experienced in unique way. It is not only about the actual presentation but also the aspects that purly emerge in the fantasy of the living being playing the game.… and the team of Storytelling Turtle believes in telling stories with games. Together with a consistent visual style, polished mechanics and a well-chosen sound setting stories can be experienced in unique way. It is not only about the actual presentation but also the aspects that purly emerge in the fantasy of the living being playing the game.

A vision which leads our way …

Montal is a 2D Platformer which creates a fluent gaming experience with dynamic, adventurous style of player character movement and a deep story which is explored continuously in a mix of in-game sequences and short, plain cutscenes. The general mood is neither like a bright, happy world nor a creepy, dark horror scenario, it is something in between which should not only create feelings of joy and anger but encourage people to use their fantasy and make them thinking.

Montal Logo Montal and his best friend Fahla experience that frog creatures are going mad, they are attacking everybody. Getting a hint from their wise friend Ofalus they are going to find out more by visiting the King of all Frogs. But it turns out to be complicated, the river which is essential for all life in the Green Forest is dried out. Further animals join the party and they go together on a journey up the mountains to the ‘Dark Plateau’ where the origin of the river is located. They explore more and more that something serious has happened and that only if different representatives of the animal tribes work together the balance can be restored again.

Montal “Adventure is my second name.”
Loves to explore the world, seeks for challenges with easiness and courage. Sometimes this leads to more trouble than anticipated but Montal is confident to get all kind of situations managed somehow. It’s the main character in Voice of Nature.

Fahla “Trust the ancestors and my safety net”
Best friend of Montal, has four arms, can climb in an excellent way, can produce silk and create webs or robes with it. She has learned a lot from her grandfather and honors her ancestors and the culture of her tribe. Once there were many of her kind but now there are only a few spread arround the world.

Ofalus “Wisdom is the key to balance.”
He loves to teach people new things or just entertain them by telling stories of all kind. He knows a lot of legends and fairy tales and stays in touch with living beings that are like him. Fahla and Montal love to sit down close to a warm open fire in the evening while Ofalus is telling a story about beginning of all time or about the magical creatures which are essential for the balance of the entire world they live in.

Montal Logo Montality 2D is the technology which is used to create Montal – Voice of Nature. It is based on Qt5.x and provides a Toolset and an Engine which is used at runtime. The Engine integrates Box2D for physics. It is not intended to be a multi-genre engine but we try to focus on things that are needed for 2d platformers like Voice of Nature. The level editor allows placing different kind of palette items as well as custom objects that are defined by providing points that enclose an area. This can be used to model the floor or some other kind of terrain. The runtime offers different debug options – for example one perspective that focuses on the physics representation of the work. A dedicated logging system can be used to support debug activaties, a console allows on-the-fly execution of custom java script.

Don’t go alone in the swamp because you need somebody who can pull you out …

I am fascinated by video games since my childhood when I have played games on the Atari 2600 the first time. When I got the NES I played titles like Mario or Megaman. But my best time as a video gamer was definitely the “SNES Age” – I played many different titles but especially enjoyed the ones with a deeper story and immersive worlds like Zelda or Secret of Mana. It was the same time when I began to play Pen&Paper role playing games. At the age of 14 I started programming – later I studied computer science. All this inspired me to not only play games but also creating them.

Location: Germany, close to Munich, in the heart of Bavaria
How have you joined the team? I am the founder of Storytelling Turtle – so it was more the creation than joining it – also the one man team was a little strange at the beginning ;)
All-time favourite game: The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past (SNES)

I have grown up in a glory time for video games. I’ve played Atari and Super NES games in my childhood, computers were beginning to find their place in people’s home. I had the honor to own a MMX 233mhz computer which still works today. I became quite curious about how computers work in general and what kind of magic used to control them. I started to dig deeper and got even more fascinated by this wonderful world of technology that I was able to manipulate. This was the beginning of my studies about software and game development.

Location: Brazil, Cuiabá, in the center of South America
How have you joined the team? During my life i had the luck to meet others who share my interest for developing games. This was also the reason why i got to know the team and joined it later. I enjoy being part of the great project, which has started by the simple idea of telling a story to a little princess.The inventor of this world, their inhabitents and the stories has invited me to bring this world alive in a game, and i have accepted the challenge…
All-time favourite game: Ultima Online

May your words find their way to us …

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